Tuition & Fees

Tuition and Fees

Tuition Effective September 15, 2015 Byzantine University Board of Trustees reserves the right to modify tuition and fees at any time. Students will be notified at least 30 days in advance.

Program Level 1 Credit 3 Credit Academic Year(A/Y) Cost
International Undergraduate $695 $2085 $16680*
International Graduate $825 $2475 $14850**

*Based on students enrolling for 12 credits per semester for two academic semesters.

** Based on students enrolling for 9 credits per semester for two academic semesters

Fees Effective December 15 2014 (Fees are subject to change as needed)

Type of Fee Amount Frequency
Activity Fee (International) $125 Per academic year
Application Fee (International) $150 Per Program (Non-Refundable)
Acceptance Fee (Undergraduate) $100 Each Occurrence
Acceptance Fee (Graduate) $200 Each Occurrence
Audit Fee $100 Per Credit
Challenge Exam $100 Each Occurrence
Degree Audit/Graduation Fee $100 Each Occurrence
Home Stay Placement Fee (International) $200 Each Occurrence
Late Payment Fee $25 Each Occurrence
Placement Exam (Accuplacer) $20 Per Exam
Replacement Diploma $20 Each Occurrence
Replacement Student ID Card $10 Each Occurrence
Returned Check $30 Each Occurrence
Shuttle Fee (International) $300 Per Month (First month Free)
Student Services Fee (International) $250 Per academic year
Technology Fee 2015 $125 Per Session (Effective March 2015 All students)
Transfer Fee (International) $500 Each Occurrence
Transcript Fee $5 Each Occurrence

International estimated schedules of total charges for the entire educational program are below:

Program TotalCredits # of Courses Tuition¹ Est. Tech Fees Other Fees² Books3 Total
Individual Certificate Courses 5 1 $100 $50 $20 $10 $180
Individual Diploma Courses 15 3 $250 $50 $100 $20 $420
Bachelor of Science in Health Science 120 40 $8000 $2500 $1000 $1000 $12500.
Bachelor of Arts in Management 120 40 $8000 $1500 $500 $500 $10500.
Master of Science in Health Science 36 12 $4000 $1000 $850 $2400 $8250
Master of Business Administration (MBA) 36 12 $4000 $1000 $850 $2400 $8250
Doctorate in Arts 24 12 $3000 $1000 $550 $1200 $5750
Doctorate in Science or  Arts 24 12 $3000 $1000 $550 $1200 $5750

The schedule of total charges for a period of attendance and the estimated schedule of total charges for the entire educational program are listed above. The total charges assume no transfer credits. The total charges do not include program prerequisite courses. Total program cost does not include transportation costs to and from clinical sites. This cost is the student‘s responsibility.

  • Fees include the technology fee per session, graduation fee and program specific fees (See fee schedule). The total fees assume no transfer credits.
  • Books charges are estimated. It is the student’s responsibility to purchase their own books. BU has on online bookstore available to students to purchase books or the student can find books on their own


Tuition and fees for a full semester will be paid at the time of registration. Students are responsible for any financial obligation incurred while attending Byzantine University regardless of any anticipated financial aid or scholarships.

Payment Plans

International students are not eligible for installment plans they must pay a minimum one full semester prior to the start of each semester.

Late Payment Policy

After one missed payment installment, the student will be informed in writing by the Financial Services Office of penalty. Failure to pay tuition or fees will affect the student’s enrollment status.

Returned Checks

If a check is returned due to insufficient funds or any other reason, will be notified of this action and assessed a return check fee. The student will be charged a $30 returned check fee. Students who have written multiple insufficient fund checks may be required to make all future payments by cash, money order or credit card.

Payments and Release of Records

According to Byzantine University policies, all records and services (i.e., degrees and transcripts) are withheld from students who have outstanding financial obligations to the University. If students have made partial payment of their tuition obligation, the University may only withhold that portion of the grades that corresponds on a pro rata basis to the amount of tuition or loan obligation the student has not paid. If the course of study consists of only one course, the institution may withhold the grade or transcript until the tuition or loan obligation is paid in full.

Cancellation Policy

New students have the right to cancel the enrollment agreement including any equipment such as books, materials, and supplies or any other goods related to the instruction offered in the enrollment agreement, if notice of cancellation is made within seven (7) calendar days (excluding holidays) of enrollment or by the seventh (7th) calendar day following the scheduled program start date, whichever is later. Students who remain enrolled beyond day 8 will be charged tuition and fees retroactive to day 1 of the program.

Cancellation shall occur when the student gives written notice of cancellation at the address of the College shown on top of the front page of the enrollment agreement. Students can submit this written notice by mail, hand delivery, or email. The written notice of cancellation need not take any particular form and, however expressed, it is effective if it shows that the student no longer wishes to be bound by the enrollment agreement.

If the student cancels the enrollment agreement, the College will not charge institutional charges; however, the College retains the nonrefundable application fee.

University Refund Policy

The University expects students to register for classes with the understanding that they will remain in the course for the entire session. However, a student has the right to withdraw from the University at any time. If a student withdraws from the course of instruction, the University will not remit a refund following withdrawal in accordance with the University’s refund schedule. However if a student paid for a session and withdraw during the first semester, a refund for the second semester will be made available within three months after the reception of the application for withdrawal is received from the Student.

Tuition Refund schedule 8 Week Sessions

Before Week 1………………100% tuition refund

During Week 1……….…… 100% tuition refund

During Week 2………………75% tuition refund

After Week 2…………..…………… No refund

Fee Refund schedule:

With the exception of the non-refundable Application fee which is non-refundable after the start of class, all instructional-related fees are refundable during Week 1. After Week 1, all fees are non-refundable.

Refunds will be processed and mailed within 90 business days of confirmed drop date. All refunds are mailed to the student’s address on file with the institution. Students must ensure that their information is updated and is accurate. The University is not responsible for late or missing refunds if the student has not ensured accuracy of information with the Student Services Department.